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Unitized Substation manufacturers in India

A powerful transformer from one of the Unitised substation manufacturers in India, Esennar had made a clear problem statement. So far, the transformers were complex in structure and maintenance was an issue increased consistently. The company, inviting innovation team, presented a unitized substation – compact and with low maintenance costs.

Unitized substation has created a great impact in the industry of the other transformers. The built-in features can sustain through continuous voltage and current fluctuations by producing a consistent voltage.

  • Connection : 3-phase
  • Power : 2500kVA
  • Type : Distribution
  • Maximum Output : Indoor – 12kv to 36 kv, Outdoor Up to 2500kVA

Esennar has customized services in the electrical field. The various types of transformers are supplied as per the requirement of the industry. Moreover, in-built wiring helps the transformers to function smoothly wherever they are installed. With the customer-centric and Industry-focused approach, Esennar shines as one of the Unitised substation manufacturers in India.

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Unitized Substation manufacturers in India