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Top Voltage Regulator transformers manufacturers

A right angle turn for any company to become a brand is customer-base and idea execution. Esennar has created a huge and strong customer-base over eighteen years of journey. Its services in electricals have received remarkable feedback from the massive customer base. Our journey on Everest as top voltage regulator transformers manufacturers showing us focal points every time.

A voltage regulator transformer has a tank circuit along with resonant-winding and a capacitor to produce a constant voltage. Though input current or voltage varies, the output is constant in ferroresonant transformer.

Salient Features
  • Voltage regulated transformer relies on tank circuit to receive varying input voltages. If the frequency is constant, the output voltage is constant.
  • More than ±40% of the normal voltage range, it functions.
  • Any distortion in input voltage will not effect output voltage.
  • The inclusion of neutral components allows the transformer to function as a grounding transformer.

It’s effortless manufacturing from the company. The perfection obtained by the company in transformers industry over the years of practice has made it enter into the top voltage regulator transformers manufacturers list. Explore your need and mount a transformer at your place.

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Top Voltage Regulator transformers manufacturers