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Top Furnace Transformer manufacturers in India

Esennar is a well known top furnace transformer manufacturers in India. We are well known power transformer manufacturers in india and have a capability of producing 5MVA to 33kv class. Furnace transformers are used to change the input power to the different output voltage for furnace operations and applications, and they are also called dry type transformers. Furnace operations include temperature controls, timers and igniters. Furnace transformers are widely used in different industries for various applications. We manufacture transformers with high-grade raw materials like resin, hardener, silica and additives like flexibilizer, accelerator, color.

Special Features
  • Designed with customized pro-E software
  • Temperature controls to withstand high loads
  • High-grade raw materials
  • Efficient tap leads arrangement
  • Meets industry standards

We integrated sophisticated technology in designing, manufacturing to work under high power operations. We offer numerous transformers with different technical specifications to meet the applications of the client. We are well established top furnace transformer manufacturers in India offering transformers of excellent functionality for the effective price in the industry.

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Top Furnace Transformer manufacturers in India