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Oil Filled Transformers manufacturers and suppliers

Esennar has made a potential rise through its innovation in transformers. The exponential increase of productivity of the company made it stand top as one of the oil filled transformers manufacturers and suppliers. We commit to seeing a satisfactory angle in the eyes of customers.

Supporting high voltages, oil-filled transformers are need of the hour. From industrial purposes to substations, oil-filled are installed.

Technical Aspects
  • Base rating is up to 50 MVA
  • Available in single-phase and 3-phase
  • Frequency measures up to 60 Hertz
  • As per requirement, load tap chargers are included
  • The transformer is designed as per IS and IEC standards
  • The tests are made at in-house

Oil-filled transformers are reliable. Use of high-quality materials while designing it makes the transformer to operate for a long time. Esennar standing on its commitments invested time to showcase the best to the world. This pushed us to be one of the top oil-filled transformers manufacturers and suppliers.

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Oil Filled Transformers manufacturers and suppliers