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Oil Cooled Transformer suppliers Industry

In ever increasing and ever-expanding industrial era, we continue to maintain our standards. It’s our responsibility to design a transformer by analyzing the needs of the industry. This responsibility made us create a gargantuan impact thus elevating us to be the best oil cooled transformers suppliers industry.

While racing for competition, many industries are missing out the quality and interaction with customers. Oil cooled transformers function as per the requirement. They have the potential to up or down the voltage levels and works smoothly.

Salient Features
  • If the voltage goes down than the threshold voltage, the transformer cools down, and if the voltage is more than the supply voltage, the transformer increases its level
  • The KVA units in oil cooled transformers depend on output & input voltages and current delivered
  • The ratio of windings in each circuit ensure smooth operation. But the application must be specified before winding ratio so that it functions for a long time
  • As per industry standards, tests are conducted for the transformer

Through oil-cooled transformers, the efficiency achieved counts to 97-99%. The top-notch Oil cooled transformer suppliers industry, Esennar, stays ahead of the competition with its massive innovation.

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Oil Cooled Transformer suppliers Industry