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Leading Power transformers manufacturing company

Having achieved a hall of fame over the years by bringing out the innovation in the electrical field, Esennar stands as a leading power transformers manufacturing company. Competition is everywhere, but a crisp and unique element changes the way of operating the business. So far, our deliverables sounded advantageous from the industries we delivered.

Power transformers are efficient and effective transformers those can sustain through short circuits with no additional losses. As per the standards, power transformers are developed and dispatched to the places.

Types of transformers:
  • Core medium used in the transformer has made the classification: Air Core and Iron core.
  • The usage of transformers varies from place to place. Hence, power, distribution, measurement, and protection transformers came into existence.

Large in size, power transformers handle high voltage levels counting to 33 KV. As it has high insulation levels, a power transformer is mounted at transmission substation and power generation stations.

As leading power transformers manufacturing company, Esennar produced a wide range of power transformers to their consumers. Everytime core company has to analyze the market need and proceed accordingly. Esennar is one such firm that keeps on finding the interest of the industries and other sectors.

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Leading Power transformers manufacturing company