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ISI marked certified transformer manufacturer

Indian Standard Institute(ISI) is set up by the Indian government to maintain quality standards in industrial products. Esennar Transformers is an ISI marked/certified transformer manufacturer maintaining quality standards and approved by various major organizations, PSU’s.

Transformers are widely used for various domestic and industrial applications. Industries use a huge amount of power supply for its operations. Transformers is an integral part to monitor and vary voltage as per they need. It prevents voltage instabilities and malfunctioning of machines due to voltage problems. Industries need efficient transformers to prevent electricity failures which hinder their production.

Things to consider while buying transformers
  • Purpose of the transformers and which type of transformer suits your requirement
  • Under which voltage you are operating (input and output voltage)
  • ISI marked/certified transformer manufacturer
  • Which environment you are using it and it meets the approval for specific requirement
  • How many phases you require

Esennar being ISI marked/certified transformer manufacturer provides customized transformers to serve client requirement. As we know the importance of assets for the industry, we provide a lifetime guarantee on losses.

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ISI marked certified transformer manufacturer