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HV Transformer Manufacturers Company

At power plants, substations, and at the end of streets, high voltage transformers are mounted to distribute the power across. Meeting high voltage and designing the equipment to sustain through high voltage is a challenging task before the transformer manufacturers. With rigor, Esennar stood on the hills as HV transformer manufacturers company.

Creating possibility by attaining perfection while designing is our attitude. The unparalleled growth and incredibility at our craft have extended our fame to corners of the country. The basic function of high voltage transformers is to convert voltage or current from one phase to another.

Features of High Voltage Transformer:
  • High voltage transformers come in single-phase and three-phase connections. However, the transformer size is directly proportional to the number of windings.
  • Three-phase configuration is established either in delta or wye connection.
  • The incoming frequencies for three-phase include 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz.
  • While choosing high voltage transformer, things to be taken care are maximum secondary voltage, power and current rating, and the output type.

High voltage transformers can sustain if there are any fluctuations in the voltage levels. A perfect throughput is achieved by the transformer. Esennar being High voltage transformer manufacturers firm, it placed its leg in India’s dominating industry sector.

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HV Transformer Manufacturers Company