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CRT Transformers manufacturers in India

Esennar Transformers is a market leader in manufacturing transformers. We are recognized as leading CRT transformers manufacturers in India. We have well established four manufacturing units in Sangareddy district of Telangana.

Cast resin transformers are also called Dry-type transformers. We manufacture cast resin transformer from 5MVA to 33Kv. These transformers are highly suitable for apartments, high rise buildings, commercial spaces, hospitals where more safety is required. In CRT transformers primary and secondary windings are encapsulated in epoxy resin which prevents penetration of moisture into windings. Epoxy resin offers good protection against adverse ambient conditions. Our transformer offers very good heat transfer and having an efficient cooling system. Space-saving comes with optimum design, reliable and rugged in construction.

Product Specifications
  • Phase – Three Phase
  • Power – 5000 KVA
  • Output voltage – 33Kv
  • Cooling type – Cast resin

We are expertise CRT transformers manufacturers in India manufacturing as per the industrial standards and client specifications.

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CRT Transformers manufacturers in India