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Best Special Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers

To become the best special transformer manufacturers and suppliers, it’s no accident. Investing hours and hours in innovation, designing, and brainstorming along with flawless execution makes it best. Esennar has “best” title for its dedicated services in the power industry to most of the sectors.

At times, few industries go for customized transformers as per their requirement. The impedance, parts and number of windings determine the transformer type.

List of Special Transformers and Features:

Electric arc furnace, Rectifier, Converter, and Line Feeder transformers are few considered as special transformers.

  • Built in steel, ladle, and ferroalloy furnaces, electric arc furnace transformers can sustain through a series of short-circuits and thermal stress.
  • A thyristor rectifier or a diode in rectifier transformers remain supportive for large aluminum electrolysis process and medium operations.
  • A 12-pulse rectifier operates with the help of two-secondary windings. Various phase shifts are possible in converter transformers.
  • Mostly used in railway applications, these always establish a connection between the power network and power supply for trains.

The transparency within the firm and value-based services has taken us to be leading manufacturers and suppliers. We had hit the industry leveling up the expectations for years together now becoming

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Best Special Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers