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Windmill Transformer suppliers in India

Our R&D team spend their time analyzing the market behavior and industry statistics. This research paved a way to bring on windmill transformers. Esennar also into producing windmill transformers and is one of the major windmill transformer suppliers in India.

A turbine is attached to a mill which through its rotation generates electricity but this power would not be adequate hence a step-up transformer to boost the voltage is a must. With this purpose in mind, we have introduced a windmill transformer that can be mounted where the wind turbines exist.

Salient Features:
  • The capacity range of a wind turbine falls between 660 KW and above 3 MW powering up 1050 homes.
  • The losses while producing declines its output to 30-40% of the total capacity.
  • Moreover, the high voltage supply decreases the lifespan of the windmill transformer.
  • Windmill transformers make a connection with the system electrically, mechanically, and thermally. At times, there may be a fault rising within the system and transformers overrun the faults thus making a sustained movement of the turbine.

The windmill transformer suppliers in India met the need of windmills by producing transformers generating a high voltage output. Esennar, the disruptive industry, never deviated from the core of electricals.

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Windmill Transformer suppliers in India