Solar Transformer Manufacturer and Suppliers in India

The power retrieved from tapping the solar energy can be produced and distributed with the help of solar transformers. The solar plants use these transformers to distribute power from renewable resources. Ranked on the top in Solar transformer manufacturer and suppliers in India, Esennar has designed Solar Inverter duty transformer for solar photovoltaic plants.

High power, as well as low power, creates a negative impact on the transformer. Hence, a solar transformer is designed with special windings and features. The primary side of the transformer has multiple windings. Depending on the application at solar plants, factors such as voltage, climate efficiency, permissible noise levels vary.

Solar Transformer manufacturer and suppliers in India

  • Withstanding capability during short circuits
  • High quality mechanical and electrical connections
  • Withstands for high temperatures
  • DC to AC conversion to feed to the network
  • Efficient energy transmission

Esennar is dominating the industries in transformer production segment and renowned for innovation in providing power services. As leading solar transformer manufacturer and suppliers in India, the company unwrapped solar powered transformer services.

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