Our Exclusives

Exclusives of Our Winding

Hydraulic L-Bend & S-Bend Tools

It is said that ‘God lies in the details’, and that is true in our case. Transformers for us are more than just a business, they are a breathing passion. Here are some of the ways in which our strive for perfection has made a sea change in our transformers.

  • Advantage: They allow for soft bending. The conductor does not get damaged, and the insulation remains intact. This design avoids partial discharge.
  • Benefit: The Transformer enjoys a long life.

Well Finished Runners

  • Advantage: Well finished runners allow for perfect coil tightening. The insulation thus remains strong and durable, and will not break.
  • Benefit: Long Life

Using pure & properly annealed Copper Conductor

  • Advantage: Owing to the lower resistivity of this conductor, copper losses are minimal.
  • Benefit: Low Running Cost

Using Collapsible former

  • Advantage: Inner diameter is accurate, and hence perfect clearance between core and coil is possible. This ensures better oil flow, besides minimal Core Quantity and losses.
  • Benefit: Low maintenance cost and long life.

Providing well finished machined Insulation blocks

  • Advantage: Provides Good Passage of Oil flow and accurate coil tightening can be achieved.
  • Benefit: Long and trouble-free life.

Using Hydraulic coil compressor

  • Advantage: Coil is tightened equally so that Coil withstands for short circuit forces and 3-phase impedances will match
  • Benefit: No circulating current through neutral.

Specially Designed Interleaved Tapings

  • Advantage: Reduces short circuit forces during faulty condition.
  • Benefit: Trouble free operation.

Exclusives in Our Core Building

Non use of yoke studs

  • Advantage: The transformer operates silently, along with reduced humming noise and no undue failure due to yoke stud insulation failure.
  • Benefit:Long life and less operational noise.

Special Core Lifting Table

  • Advantage: Loose contact at the joints will be avoided. This also leads to reduction of Magnetostrict ion forces.
  • Benefit: Long Life, Less Noise.

Core Clamps

  • Advantage: Eddy current losses will be reduced by using the specially designed Core frames.
  • Benefit: Low Running Cost

Exclusives in Our Assembling

Special Brazing Machine

  • Advantage: Avoids heating at the braze points due to neat and proper brazing joints.
  • Benefit: Long life and low running cost.

Beautiful Tap Leads arrangement

  • Advantage: Robust and solid lead arrangement sustains short circuit forces.
  • Benefit: Trouble free operation.

Exclusives in Our Testing

Computerized and Fully Automated Test Lab

  • Advantage: Accurate test results without manual interference. This saves a lot of time.
  • Benefit: Reliability.