Compact / Packaged / Unitised Substations

Compact Design [HV Breaker | Transformer | LV Breaker]:

A Unitized/ Compact/ Packaged Substation comprises of various substation equipment [Medium Voltage Switchgear, Transformer [Oil /Cast Resin Type], Low Voltage Switchgear, Associated Protection, Connected Terminals & Auxiliary Equipment] are accommodate inside a CRCA enclosure with rigid base. These are used to set up power at intermediary stations without the hassle of actually setting up one. These substations are typically installed in locations accessible to the public [High Rise Buildings, Offices, Commercial Spaces, Malls, Construction Sites, etc] and ensures protection for people according to specified service conditions. Compact design ensures that there are minimal parts that need to be moved around. This brings down the maintenance significantly as there are no parts that are out in the open area. It is very easy to transport and move around, hence ease of installation process. The optimum design for maximum air circulation is the key for keeping the substation from over-heating.

Key features of the USS/CSS/ PSS are:
  • Plug & Play.
  • Delivery ready for commissioning.
  • Occupies less space than conventional substation & Minimal Wiring.
  • Time is money these days and no one really has the time to bring a power substation and then set it up. To address these issues, we at Esennar Transformers provide transformers that are all wired up and ready to go. All that is needed is a power input and the basic functioning details and the substation is ready to use.

Aesthetic Look/ Finish :

When it comes to transformers and power industry, aesthetics are the last thing you expect from the product. But with our CSS/USS/PSS, even that aspect is taken care of. All the parts that are involved in the functioning of the substation are placed inside a CRCA case with in-built wiring in order to support the entire equipment’s smooth functioning. The colour of the substation is absolutely customizable.