Auxiliary Transformers suppliers in India

Esennar Transformers is one of the largest suppliers of auxiliary transformers suppliers in India. We manufacture high quality and reliable transformers designed to satisfy diversified needs of industries. We offer various types of power, distributions, rectifying, testing, CRT, furnace, auxiliary transformers. We have successfully installed more than 12000 transformers for various applications.

The auxiliary transformer is a type of power transformer used to provide power to auxiliary equipment like lighting supplies, air conditioners, cranes, workshops and others in power stations. An auxiliary transformer works on the principle of Ampere and Faraday’s law. It is a three winding transformer with one primary and two secondary windings. Primary winding voltage is equal to the main generator voltage, and secondary windings will have two different voltages.

Auxiliary Transformers suppliers in India
Product Specifications

  • Phase – Three Phase
  • Cooling type – Oil cooled / Dry type

We supplied highly efficient for various public and private enterprises and regarded as best auxiliary transformers suppliers in India.

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